Web+App solution

ePlannerPro is Web-based solution built for Event Managers to make their tough tasks simpler to increase their proficiency. It is a constantly evolving solution with both powerful functionality and unparalleled ease of use.

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A Presentation Tool for Sales Team

PharmaTab app turns your iPad or iPhone, into a dynamic Pharma Products "Visulate" or Brochures or as such app can be used as a handy Presentation Tool for Sales reps, who are always on the move. Content can be uploaded and updated dynamically, any time using our back end web application.

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Daycare Management Software

Its a Front-end app syncing well with the iKidzCare Web App. Finger Touch the Photo to mark the presence mark, of a child or a teacher! Attendance Reports can be viewed from the app itself or from the Web App once synced!

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Create Online Surveys

Survey created with the Web App, can be responded easily with this app. Responses from app can be collected and synced to the server automatically for reporting and analysis.

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Manage Your Documents

PaperFree is the highly rated Document Viewer, handles kinds of files with advanced reading and annotation capabilities. It renders PDF quicker than most apps!

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Let us be your Ctrl+S

Keyboard shortcuts can be a powerful tool used to cut down time-to-completion of certain tasks. ShortcutsHD for iPad lets users take advantage of these shortcuts by minimizing the learning curve. This app allows users to remotely execute keyboard combinations on your computer through the touch of a button on your iPad.

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iLuv Learning

Kids Activities: Let them learn fun way…

iLuv Learning iPad App is collection of kids activities, which teaches them various skills in fun learning way. Simple yet engaging activities shall make learning interesting for kids. Rewards activities are entertaining to repeat the activities, makes learning faster.

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An App which leads you to the non-dual life!

Nonduality App is pointing to the idea that everything is one energy, one consciousness. Nonduality points to the illusory dream of “I” which seems to give the appearance of separation from life itself, and to the boundless freedom that has always been here, that never left and was never lost. Nondualiteit iOS application built using Html5 / Hybrid / PhoneGap.

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